DREAMWAVES 2 (Full Cassette)

by Neon Vandal

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The 2nd 80's Radio tape is out , so dust off your Boombox or Sony Walkman, pop in the cassette tape ..and Press Play!!

Featuring the tracks " Electric Lady" "Do You Remember?" "Dangerline" "L.A Nights" "The Call" and "New Wave Funk" as played on Synthetix Sundays & Outscape Radio shows respectively.

"Do you remember that dusty old cassette you found that you recorded way back in the 1980's? ...The time of Miami Vice,Body Popping, Tron, Synthesizers,Nike Vandals,Escape From New York, Beat Street,Top Gun,Streetsounds Electro,The Breakfast Club, Purple Rain,Terminator,Breakin, Thriller,Pac Man,B-Boys,Atari,Roland TR 808beats,Ferrari Testarossa's,Flashdance,Weird Science,Knight Rider,C90 Cassettes,Fat Lace Puma's,Linn Drums,The Lost Boys,Miami Bass,New Wave,ZX Spectrum's,Graffiti Rock,Pretty In Pink, Breakin 2:Electric Boogaloo,Staying Alive,JVC Boomboxes, Beverly Hills Cop,Commodore 64's,Sony Walkmans etc - Bringing back those hot 80s summer nights of turning on the radio, pressing REC/PLAY and surfing the airwaves to record that mysterious unknown music that you'd never heard before.....

Listen to the Neon Vandal "Synthetix Sunday" radio interview here:

"This is some seriously brilliant atmospheric synth magic with a wonderful and richly explored synthscape that is thoroughly immersive. A stunning experience."(Nightdrive) -Synthetix F.M

"Far more loyal to the old school electronic sound are artists like Neon Vandal, who sounds like a coke binge in a vintage arcade!" - "There's nostalgia here -It's the sound of our old Atari, Sega Megadrive and VHS tapes" - It's Always Snowing In Miami.

"There are diverse sounds and a blend of all kinds of 80's influences on this album, and it works to very decent effect. There was a creative and nostalgic mind at work here, and certainly one with a broad range of enthusiasm for the various synth styles of the era." -Oceanic

"It opens with that perfect dark synth sound I love, complete with undulating currents of warm back alley synth keys. Some sweet, (the cold yet sympathetic melody is a foil ) Sounds like something vaguely sad has happened" (Nightdrive) - Kempster

"Neon Vandal is smashing up all kinds of action in his great new track 'New Wave Funk' -The synths rock with a salacious groove that is undeniably infectious. I really love the use of vocals in this piece, totally rocking" - Synthetix FM.

"Neon Vandal's sound will take the scene by storm. A definite one to watch!"- NewRetrowave Records

" Channelling all the right influences from Afrika Bambataa,Twilight 22,Egyptian Lover to Paul Hardcastle this track is just pure electric energy served with a side of sensuality"(L.A Nights) - Synthetix FM


released October 11, 2014

Written,Produced & Engineered By Mark Webber. All Synthesizers,Keyboards, Electric Guitars,Bass and Drum programming, Vocals/Vocoders Played/Performed By Mark Webber For Neon Vandal Productions ©2014.



all rights reserved


Neon Vandal Shinjuku, Japan

Neon drenched,graffiti smeared, gritty Cyberpunk inspired Electronica. Also more retro 80s inspired music - Plus a few other side projects. .Hope you hear something you like and thanks for listening! -

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